Vows by Kenikodjo 

What do you get when you cross a storyteller with a hopeless romantic?

Customized wedding vows!

Every love story is unique and beautiful, and I believe it should be reflected in your wedding ceremony.

Kofi and Ama about to exchange their customized vows at the Labadi Beach Hotel

All you have to do is tell me your love story and I will whip ‘awww-worthy’, tear-invoking vows for you and your partner.

You can have them framed, scrolled, put on a plaque or in a hardcover minibook.


The options are endless-renewal vows, anniversary poems, proposal tips! 😉

You could download the Vows by Kenikodjo PDF to look at all the packages. A number of frequently asked questions are also in there. Samples can be found on our Instagram feed below.

You can also check out this Pulse Ghana feature on Vows by Kenikodjo.

Specify which package you prefer and other details here.

Tell us your love story here and let’s get started.



Vows by Kenikodjo- because every love story deserves to be told! ❤