Room 1045 Ep 13: Welcome back

Greetings from Room 1045 land ūüėÉ One of you actually sent me a whole blogpost full of break up lines for Joan! ūüėā (I should just add that to the 1000 reasons why I love you guys! Best best readers in the entire universe! ūüíú) Also, welcome to all our newbies and returning visitors ūüėÉ. Starting this Friday, we are going back to our #FollowerFriday … Continue reading Room 1045 Ep 13: Welcome back

Campus romance

He watched his mother as she adjusted his tie for the millionth time since they got here. This time, her eyes welled up with tears and if he was not standing so close to her, his ear would not have caught the ‘I am so proud of you’ that tumbled out of her mouth. ‘Trust Mummy to make this a soap opera moment’, he thought to himself. But then again, to be fair, this was worth a soap opera moment. Her only son was graduating today!

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