Know Thy Man Ep09: Gathering Clouds 

Happy Wednesday, guys! Thank you for all the feedback and the #knowthyman reactions. I knew I could count on you! Been an interesting week. I was at BlogCamp16 over the weekend and it was humbling to share my experiences with the blog over the last one and half years. In other news, Unorthodox Review did a flattering review of the blog. Anytime I discover something … Continue reading Know Thy Man Ep09: Gathering Clouds 

Know Thy Man Ep08: Pizza Boys 

It’s Wednesday again. Even if I had forgotten, your incessant messages, tags and reminders made it impossible to forget. I loved last week’s cliffhanger, did you? I love how the story changes based on your reactions- it makes the journey as exciting for me as it is for you. So, I have noticed that a lot more people are reading #KnowThyMan but not many of … Continue reading Know Thy Man Ep08: Pizza Boys 

Know Thy Man Ep07: House of Cards

Hiya!!! I missed you guys! So Father’s Day is coming up pretty soon and one of my readers mentioned that nobody makes a big deal about Father’s Day even though there are some awesome fathers out there. I agree- my father was THE WORLD’S BEST!!! No hype! The man was just legendary, so yes Happy Father’s Day in advance to every single dad in the … Continue reading Know Thy Man Ep07: House of Cards

Know Thy Man Ep05: Checkmate 

Looks like May is one of the winning months for Kenikodjo. Yesterday morning, we went past 120,000 views. Yes, 120K!!! As one of my friends will say, Chai!!! And like I was telling everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if everyone who has ever viewed the blog could just send me 1 cedi/dollar/pound/euro/naira, I could build a house! We could call it the #GiveKeni1 project. What … Continue reading Know Thy Man Ep05: Checkmate 

Know Thy Man Ep04: Topsy turvy

We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know, overkill!) But I am excited! On behalf of K Beck, Gagert, Akpene, Abeiku, Sedinam, Patrick Adabla, Korkor and every Kenikodjo character ever created, thank you!! (If you don’t know who some (or all) of them are, then you have a lot of catching up to do!) My post about the #BloGhAwards16 journey is right here. But for now, let’s #KnowThyMan! 😉 … Continue reading Know Thy Man Ep04: Topsy turvy

Capital High Ep16: Finale

It honestly feels like a dream! I have had mixed feelings about ending the Capital High series. It has become a part of my weekly routine- thinking about what to write in the next episode, doing my ‘mixed school’ due diligence, replying messages and comments, listening to and reading your reactions to the events that have unfolded in the last 15 episodes! I have grown … Continue reading Capital High Ep16: Finale

Capital High Ep15: Picking up the pieces

I know you are probably thinking ‘How can Akpene leave Capital High?!’ I know it changes the way you imagined that the series would end. I must admit that I am totally enjoying listening to your varied  reactions and suggestions on how to end the series. Shoutouts to the two ladies who offered me chocolate to make sure that I don’t end the series 😉 … Continue reading Capital High Ep15: Picking up the pieces

Capital High Ep11: Cinderella 

Hiya! Episode 10 was my favourite episode. Once again, Gagert killed it! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I think she is slowly becoming everyone’s favourite girl. And for those of you who have crushes on K Beck, I am sorry to say that he only exists in my mind. But take heart, there are boys just as amazing (and even more amazing) than he is! This week’s episode is actually dedicated … Continue reading Capital High Ep11: Cinderella