Capital High 09: Hostile Takeover 

Yep! Yet another #capitalhighwednesday is here with us! I hope you enjoyed Episode 8, even though it was difficult to write. Many of you have asked me if I plan to finish Little Foxes. The truth is I would have loved to, but I think leaving the outcome to your imagination makes the story powerful. We will be drawing the curtain on Capital High in a few … Continue reading Capital High 09: Hostile Takeover 

Capital High Ep08: Competition

Hi guys!! Yet another set of milestones to celebrate- 70,000 views and a new domain name-! Yep, we are making it ‘so much big’ and it is all thanks to you guys! Every blogger deserves readers like you. You are super awesome! This week, I am venturing into unchartered waters. I have never been to Interco before and I know very little about sports, … Continue reading Capital High Ep08: Competition

Capital High Ep06: Skeletons in her cupboard

Hi there! Just in case you missed it, this is where we left off. Most of us go through school, oblivious to the kind of burdens that the girl sitting across the dining table is carrying, oblivious to the fact that one of the boys in our dorm has nightmares every night. Sometimes we do notice it and turn a blind eye to it. After … Continue reading Capital High Ep06: Skeletons in her cupboard

Capital High Ep05: Afrakuma

I missed you guys! 🙂 Here is where we left off last two weeks. Happy reading!! Afrakuma understood the adage ‘Knowledge is power’ more than anyone could imagine. She had learnt rather early in life that everyone in power had secrets and if you waited long enough, the opportunity to use it against them would appear. It also kept them in check. She had secrets on almost … Continue reading Capital High Ep05: Afrakuma