43rd January: #7daysofXmas 5

It is about that time of year again, when everyone is regretting their Christmas choices and silently praying that the minutes and seconds until January payday would magically fly past. People like Ameyaw swore that it would never happen again a year ago. That didn’t work out like he had planned. Here is to January Payday coming soon! Also, happy new year, my darlings! 💜 … Continue reading 43rd January: #7daysofXmas 5

Taboo 05: For Ewe, For Worse

Been a while since we Taboo-ed. No better time to start like the present. Today’s story is one that strikes a chord with everyone who has had to deal with tribal discrimination here in Ghana. Sometimes it lurks in the shadows of our lighthearted banter, sometimes it is a little more bold, a little more conspicious. ‘Krobo girls are sex maniacs, Hausa men are too … Continue reading Taboo 05: For Ewe, For Worse

Not one of us 2

It’s Easter, one of my favourite periods of the year. I would send you ‘greetings’ but I can’t stand the ‘Happy Easter’ greeting. It’s sort of flat. I prefer ‘Christ is risen’ with the response ‘He’s risen indeed!’ That, after all, is the essence of Easter- his death, resurrection and what that sacrifice symbolizes for us. I have been away from social media for a … Continue reading Not one of us 2