Capital High Ep16: Finale

It honestly feels like a dream! I have had mixed feelings about ending the Capital High series. It has become a part of my weekly routine- thinking about what to write in the next episode, doing my ‘mixed school’ due diligence, replying messages and comments, listening to and reading your reactions to the events that have unfolded in the last 15 episodes! I have grown attached to the characters just like you have and I hate to see them go, but this is not ‘Days of our lives’ and it must surely come to an end. I must say that it has been humbling to see how far this series has gone. It has pushed me in every way imaginable- you have no idea the kind of struggles I have had to overcome to post some of these episodes, but like I always say, you always make it worthwhile. Thank you for reading and sharing every week. Thank you for the hype- every blogger needs readers like you. Thank you for pushing me to be more consistent and creative with my posting. Thank you for falling in love with Capital High! ❤

First order of business! As a parting gift, Kwame Pocho of Team 1000 words took  time over the weekend to do a Capital High shoot! (I keep telling you I have the most awesome readers in the world!) Those of you who follow the Facebook page may have seen a teaser or two earlier today. It was so humbling to see the story and the characters come to life- and I can’t thank Pocho enough for doing this. Special thanks go to Gerard Nartey (for assisting Pocho) and to Obuobi Emmanuel Bekoe, Naa Ahiney Laryea and Yasmin Lartey for graciously playing K Beck, Akpene and Gagert. You guys were awesome. I am happy to share a few of them with you..

Meet Akpene. We first encounter her in Episode 2 and hear her heart wrenching story in Ep06: Skeletons in her cupboard
K Beck making Akpene laugh the way only he knew how..
Gagert in the flesh! (after killing it in Hostile Takeover )
12874118_10153453830876404_1909967070_o (1)
Team K Beck & Akpene
K Beck shoots! K Beck scores!



Gagert giving K Beck a talking to, after letting him off the hook in (In)justice 

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Capital High Ep15: Picking up the pieces

I know you are probably thinking ‘How can Akpene leave Capital High?!’ I know it changes the way you imagined that the series would end. I must admit that I am totally enjoying listening to your varied  reactions and suggestions on how to end the series. Shoutouts to the two ladies who offered me chocolate to make sure that I don’t end the series 😉 This week’s episode is dedicated to my latest nephew. Welcome to the world, little one. May you grow to be as sweet as K Beck! 😘

Christoff yanked the blanket off K Beck’s face.

‘You need to get it together. It sucks but she is not coming back and she doesn’t want you to find her. The earlier you come to terms with that, the better for all of us.’

K Beck’s eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he had not had a bath in ages. He had barely slept that night. It wasn’t a dream- she was really gone. And here he was, shedding tears into his pillow when he thought nobody was watching.It had been a painful night and he had thought long and hard about everything. It still didn’t make sense.

‘How do you know she doesn’t want me to find her?’

‘Forget about it.’

‘No, tell me.’

‘You look like crap. Telling you will just make you feel worse.’

‘Just tell me!’

‘Ok, she knew you would try to find her so she told me to tell you not to. She said it would be easier for both of you that way.’

‘Wait, what? She had time to speak to everyone else about this except me? Why didn’t she tell me? Why didn’t you stop her?’

‘She knew you would try to stop her. I tried to get her to stay but her mind was made up. You know how strong and obstinate she can be.’

‘Trust me, I know. Her stubbornness is the reason why we are here. I was looking forward to our first Valentine’s Day together. I mean I was going to flood her bed with balloons, send her chocolates, fresh bread and a giant teddy bear called K Beck- the whole princess treatment thing. You know, make up for the sadness she has endured. She just had to mess that up. I should be angry with her, but all I am thinking about is whether or not she is ok.’

‘Love does that to people mehn!

‘Why do you always have to sound so wise? Is that all she said?’

‘No, she told me to take care of you too.’

Gagert was waiting for him. She knew that if he was anything like his father, he would try to reach Akpene. Her heart was aching for him especially because it all felt like a déjà vu. This reminded her painfully of when she had broken up with his father. He had spent several weeks trying to get her to change her mind. She still regretted saying no to him and that’s why she tried to speak to Akpene.

‘You don’t have to leave, Akpene.’

‘I want to. It will make me feel better.’

‘Sure about that? It looks like it would break your heart to leave him behind.’

‘It is not about him.’

‘Then why are you spending so much time in making sure that he doesn’t contact you?’

‘Because he will make it harder. I need to think about the future. That future might have anything to do with him. I need to be ready for that. Having him in my life has made me so vulnerable. Being vulnerable for a girl like me who comes from nothing is not a good thing. I need this.’

‘Ok, I respect your decision. The Welbeck men sure know how to mess with your emotions.’

‘You were in a situation like this?’

‘Yes I was. A long long time ago…’

Just as she predicted, K Beck walked into her office as soon as it was time for first break.

‘I know you won’t tell me where she is or how I can reach her. But please promise me that you will tell me if she is ok.’

‘She is ok.’

‘How do you know for sure? She can put up a brave face if she has to.’

‘Trust me. She is being taken care of.’

‘Thank you for doing this.’

She smiled at him, being all mature and caring about the girl he loved. She knew better than to rubbish his feelings. She knew all too well what it meant to be loved by a Welbeck. Continue reading “Capital High Ep15: Picking up the pieces”

Capital High Ep13: Dilemma

#CapitalHighWednesdays are back! I deliberately didn’t say anything about Gagert, K Beck, Akpene and Awula in Episode 12 because I knew that was exactly what you wanted to read about. Instead, I introduced two new characters- Lawrencia and Christoff. I have a feeling they will also take us on quite a ride before we wind up our series. I hate to break it to you but Capital High will end with Episode 16. No, I haven’t figured out what will happen in the finale yet, so your ideas are more than welcome. I know it is hard to say goodbye to the old, but it also gives us room to embrace the new, whatever that may be. Last week, I had the pleasure of ‘discovering’ another of my silent readers. It is always humbling to discover how far these stories go and how diverse the following is. People like you make it worth it to stay up three extra hours to finish yet another episode. Ms Nkor, this week’s episode is dedicated to you! 🙂 

‘Obroni, wake up!’

Christoff grabbed his Timex wrist watch from the top of the locker and looked at the time, all the while keeping his eyes as closed as possible.

‘5:30 am? Are you freaking kidding me?’

He realized too late that he had unconsciously raised his voice. Every one in Dorm 4 was looking at him. He tried again in a softer voice, ‘I just don’t get why  you people wake up so early.I am not a morning person.’

The boy waking him up tried to unsuccessfully stifle his laughter.

‘Morning person? You will learn to become one by the time you leave this school.’

Christoff mumbled under his breath, ‘Thanks a lot, Dad!’

He had been saying that a lot lately. Anytime he got a good dose of the ‘Ghanaian culture’, he cursed his stars for landing himself in this situation. . After three weeks, he had already learnt that ‘seniority’ was taken very seriously, that ‘physical abuse’ was normal, that hot water was a luxury- you had to have a chit from the sick bay explaining why you could not bath with cold water like everyone else, that hygiene was taken seriously- you had to bath at least once a  day and that the people you chose to befriend had an impact on you.

Capital High wasn’t so bad. He liked the people and the food. K Beck had been really helpful. He was a cool chap. They could talk about anything under the sun, from basketball to sci-fi movies to anime to girls to reasons why marriages fail. It was easy to talk to him, easy to trust him. It was also easy to tell that he was torn between Akpene and Awula.

‘Wait, so you like both of them?’

‘Yes and no.’

‘You know you have to explain that, right?’

K Beck laughed and absentmindedly threw a pebble at nothing in particular.

‘I am drawn to Akpene in ways I can’t explain. She is like a puzzle that I need to unravel. I feel like I need to protect her and take care of her. No, scratch that, I want to!’

‘Mmmh, the lure of the unknown?’

‘Exactly! You get it!’

‘Yeah, I used to be a psychologist in my former life.’

They both laughed.

‘With Awula, it is familiarity. She gets things Akpene can’t relate to. She is funny and genuine.’

‘Looks like we have a problem on our hands. Sounds to me like you want an Akpene you can relate to, because you were fine before Awula got here. Have you thought about teaching her those things?’

‘Some of them come naturally to you. You are not taught. Besides I don’t want her to feel like I am looking down on her background and her past. It is the last thing I want to do. She doesn’t deserve that.’

‘So what are you going to do?’

‘I have no idea mehn. How do you say that in German?’

‘Ich habe keine idee’

‘Ah yes! That one. I will just take it one day at a time.’

‘Just make sure that you don’t hurt either of them in this dilemma you are in. Neither of them deserves to be toyed around with.’

‘Ain’t that the truth? Chale, thanks.’

‘Any time’

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Capital High Ep12: Rumour has it…

I must admit that I have missed you guys! Judging from the number of messages I got in my inbox, I guess you missed me too (or at least you missed Capital High). Been a long break but it is good to be back. I have done a few changes on the blog- take a look and let me know what you think. I have also started a vow-writing service (you can check it out in the menu above-Vows by Kenikodjo) which allows you to infuse your love story into your wedding vows or a poem. Yes, we are growing! Like I said, it is good to be back! Let’s dig in, shall we? 
‘I saw it too’

‘The blood?’

‘Yes, the blood’

Lawrencia’s stomach tightened. Nobody was supposed to see the blood. She had tried to wash all of it away but at 1am, there was only so much you could do with a torchlight. She looked away and pretended to be looking for her bucket in the bucket cage. Sometimes it felt like the house prefects had OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The buckets had to be arranged according to colour and size. Most girls had buckets in the blue, green and purple bracket so it sort of looked uniform to the untrained eye. She was reaching for her bucket when she blacked out.

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Capital High Ep11: Cinderella 

Hiya! Episode 10 was my favourite episode. Once again, Gagert killed it! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I think she is slowly becoming everyone’s favourite girl. And for those of you who have crushes on K Beck, I am sorry to say that he only exists in my mind. But take heart, there are boys just as amazing (and even more amazing) than he is! This week’s episode is actually dedicated to someone who is so amazing that it has become the prefix to his name.  Now, on to this week’s episode! 

‘I saw you that day’

Curtis had such a cocky smile on his face. It was difficult to ignore him especially with that leering look he had on.


‘Allow me to refresh your memory. After your boyfriend got me internally suspended, he gave you a peck in front of the Liberty House downs. Does that sound familiar?’

Akpene instantly felt sick in her stomach. She could immediately see where he was taking this.

‘I am sure you are wondering what I plan to do with that information. That really depends on you. You see, I don’t get why this boy likes you as much as he does, but then again that makes you his weakest point. Clearly, he would get suspended for you without a second thought, but I know you don’t want that. I need you to hurt him. Avoid him. Talk to other boys. Kiss some other dude. I don’t care. Just hurt him. It is either that or I will go and report both of you for trespassing and kissing. Oh, I could even say you were having sex. It is really your word against mine. Both of you will get dismissed from the school and we both know that this is the only shot that you’ve got. So what is it going to be?’

Palms sweaty, knees unsteady, Akpene swallowed hard. All sorts of thoughts were running through her mind. When she finally spoke, her voice was void of emotion.

‘Go right ahead’

‘I believe you understand the consequences of what you are choosing.’

‘Do you need me to spell it out for you? Do your worst, Curtis. If you honestly think that your only shot at happiness is making K Beck miserable, then you are a really sad person. Like you said, it will be your word against mine. Do you honestly think Gagert will listen to you, after everything that has happened in the last two weeks? Do your worst.’

‘This blind devotion to K Beck will backfire, I can assure you. This Cinderella meets her Prince thing you have going on right now will only last for a season. Have you thought of what will happen when we vacate? You come from different worlds, different socializations. You will realize that this thing can only work within the walls of Capital High. Call me prophet of doom, if you want to. Truth is the truth mehn!’

He shrugged and walked off. His plan had not fallen into place like he was hoping it would, but the look in Akpene’s eyes when he mentioned their Cinderella situation gave him a little joy. She was also afraid that their worlds will pull them apart once they left the confines of Capital High. He could work with that for now.

Akpene had been worrying about this, especially because Mid-terms were around the corner. She had not fully recovered from the ‘Baby Girl’ episode. She pushed the thoughts back as she briskly walked back to her class. The new teachers were still adjusting to the Capital High rhythm and she didn’t want to be in the bad books of any of them.

Especially Polar Bear.

He was-like his name suggested- as big as a polar bear. He had hair growing out of his ears and when he frowned, his eyes became mere slits on his face. Every morning, he insisted on having surprise tests on random topics in Elective Maths and every mistake came with three strokes of his cane. It was as thick as one of his fingers- and his fingers were very thick! All the boys feared his cane and those who had not tasted it had heard of it. Polar Bear never hit the same place twice and you could never tell where he would hit next. It was smarter to just stand there, completely at his mercy. Anyone who received lashes from Polar Bear had a hard time sitting down afterwards.  It was rumored that he soaked his cane in a pepper solution every evening for an hour and left it to dry overnight. That would explain why the lashes seemed to burn you.

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Capital High Ep10: Clean up

Hi there! Apologies for not posting the story yesterday. I wrote an exam in the evening and my brain was too tired to write a story that would be good enough. Thanks for being understanding and thanks for keeping me on my toes. God knows I would have been a very lazy writer if it wasn’t for you. You guys rock! Happy reading!!

NB: Special shoutout to the lady who tapped me in the trotro this morning and said ‘I love your stories.’ You made my day.

‘How did this happen? We had a foolproof plan!’

‘By foolproof, you mean your plan to overthrow me as leader of the coup? You are the one who messed everything up.’

‘Don’t even try to push this on me. I didn’t ask you to be a punching bag for your wife.’

Rejoice tried to stifle her laughter. It was like a circus in there. They had spent the last hour tossing the blame around. Ms Ampadu was convinced that there was a mole amongst them. She was looking round at everyone suspiciously, as though she could see ‘Traitor’ written on their foreheads.

‘Afrakuma! Where is she?’, Ms Ampadu suddenly shrieked. She looked like she had been possessed by an evil spirit. Her eyes looked bloodshot and her face had aged 10 years in the last 2 hours. ‘Call her for me! She didn’t even show up. Drag that snitch here by the collar, if you have to. Brian, move! Now!’

Mr Hormeku started laughing. ‘That damned Gagert! Nothing ever works with her. I would never have been a match for her anyways. Now, I have lost my job. I have spent all these years, waiting to take over from her and it is all messed up because you could not keep your mouth shut. Why involve Afrakuma? She is one of the slyest girls in this school. As slippery as an eel. And of course, you did it without consulting me. I was foolish to have trusted you.’

‘You are a good for nothing man. Just look at how easily you are giving up. I blame myself for even aligning myself with you. Sure, run away. Go like a dog with his tail in between his legs. I am not going down without a fight. I plan to take as many people down with me as possible. If you are not ready to be ruthless, then you don’t belong in this fight.’

Mr Addae Mensah broke his silence. ‘You are going way too far, Ms. Ampadu. There are students in this room. How can you humiliate your co-worker this way?’

‘If I were you, Mr. Addae Mensah, I would be very quiet. Don’t get me started!’

‘I’ll stop you right there. We all made the mistake of attempting to overthrow Gertrude. I am especially remorseful because I should have known better. This pathetic show you are putting up will not make this situation any better. Because of your greed, a lot of the teachers here have lost their jobs today. If I were you, I would cut my losses and move on. The earlier you accept that you will never be as good as Gagert, the better.’ On that note, he picked up his car keys, nodded at Mr Hormeku and walked out of the room.

Just then, Brian arrived with Afrakuma in tow. She looked like she had just woken up from sleep, the sleep lines on her face giving her away.

‘You are the one who snitched to Gagert, aren’t you?’

‘Well, yes- and no.’

‘Listen, don’t play games with me. Did you tell her or not?’

‘I told her. But it wasn’t news to her. Someone else had already told her. And it is nothing personal. I don’t like to lose and to be fair, I knew you didn’t stand a chance with her. And judging from the looks of everyone seated here, I was right. Anyway, I am not your snitch, go and look for him or her elsewhere.’

‘Not so fast. I am not done with you.’

‘But I am done with you. What can you do? Punish me? If I know Gagert the way I do, you are probably going to be fired tomorrow morning. Now if you will excuse me, I have WASSCE to prepare for. This has been nice.’

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Capital High 09: Hostile Takeover 

Yep! Yet another #capitalhighwednesday is here with us! I hope you enjoyed Episode 8, even though it was difficult to write. Many of you have asked me if I plan to finish Little Foxes. The truth is I would have loved to, but I think leaving the outcome to your imagination makes the story powerful. We will be drawing the curtain on Capital High in a few weeks’ time and I would really love to know if there are any SHS/SSS experiences you think I have not touched on, before we end the series. But, by all means, enjoy this week’s episode. -Keni 🙂

‘And on behalf of the board and the  entire school, I would like to say a very big thank you to the sports team for raising the flag of Capital High high. You put in your best against all odds. We are very proud of you, especially our star player, Kwamena Welbeck.’

The whole auditorium erupted with applause. Lawrence, the sports prefect, beamed as Gagert handed over the trophy to him. He in turn handed it over to K Beck, who lifted it above his shoulders. The chants of ‘K Beck! K Beck! K Beck!’ got even louder and transitioned into loud cheers. K Beck’s smile dimmed when he realized that Akpene was not clapping. She had a stony look on her face, her forehead furrowed with worry wrinkles.

Gagert led the school to triumphantly sing the school anthem, K Beck keeping his eyes on Akpene the whole time. It seemed like she was avoiding his eyes.

Capital High, a land where dreams are nurtured; Capital High, a land where hope is watered; We will strive for excellence to make Ghana our motherland proud.

When the assembly was over, he was immediately swarmed by teachers and seniors who wanted to congratulate him. He helplessly watched Akpene disappear into the crowd.

Pull yourself together, Akpene. You already know that men are not to be trusted. Your mistake was believing that K Beck was an exception to that rule.

She angrily brushed the tears off her face and headed to the classroom. Unknown to her, Curtis was watching her from the stairs leading to the staff common room.

It is almost time, Curtis. Be battle ready…

In that same staff common room, Mr Hormeku smiled at his Nokia E5 phone and smiled.

It is almost time, Confidence. The time is here..

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Capital High Ep08: Competition

Hi guys!! Yet another set of milestones to celebrate- 70,000 views and a new domain name-! Yep, we are making it ‘so much big’ and it is all thanks to you guys! Every blogger deserves readers like you. You are super awesome! This week, I am venturing into unchartered waters. I have never been to Interco before and I know very little about sports, unless you are counting my ‘dutiful’ affiliation to FC Barcelona.(Yeah mehn, I have a jersey and all!) 😀
I am sure you are thinking, ‘Keni, this is not why we are here.’ On that note, let me shut up and allow you to enjoy the story. Happy reading!!

Curtis frowned at the bucket one more time and then kicked it. The soapy water spilled over the terrazzo floor.

That damned K Beck boy!

The pungent smell of bodily waste hit him once again and he groaned aloud. He had never scrubbed- not for a single day in his life. His father’s influence had saved from the strenuous work portions. He still hasn’t held a cutlass ever since he got to school and the only time he carried a bucket was when he had to take a bath. And yet, thanks to K Beck, he had blisters from scrubbing and mopping.

If I smell Parazone one more time, I am sure I will puke. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I am the one who got beaten. All for his beloved Akpene. What kind of name is that anyway?

Curtis decided to take yet another break. He had taken one every 10 minutes since he started, because he could not stand the conflicting smells. He sniffed in the burst of fresh air the moment he stepped out of the downs. Taking a cursory glance at the second Liberty downs, he stopped in his tracks. He turned a second time and there was K Beck giving Akpene a peck right before his very eyes. He smiled to himself. This information could come in handy, seeing as Akpene had broken two rules from the Code of Conduct- Rule 57: No crossing over and Rule 64: Intimacy is prohibited among students.

Don’t rush it, Curtis. Revenge is sweetest when you bide your time.

Akpene was stunned.

It wasn’t that she had not imagined this in her mind a number of times. No, she didn’t imagine that it would happen in front of the Liberty downs. What amazed her most was how much she enjoyed it. It felt like her whole body had been set on fire. She blurted the first thing that came to her mind, ‘Wait, what are you doing?’ and instantly wished that she could scoop the words back into her mouth.

K Beck immediately felt uneasy.

‘I am sorry. Too soon? I ruined everything, didn’t I?’

‘No, it is ok. You don’t see me running, do you?’

‘Well, that could be because you are paralyzed with fear. I know I shouldn’t have. I just-‘

‘Kwamena, it’s fine. We are fine.’

‘Does that mean I can do it again?’, he asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

The siren blurred and it was Akpene’s time to smile.

‘The term saved by the bell has never been more appropriate. See you later!’

K Beck waited until she was out of sight before punching the air with an air of victory.

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Capital High Ep07: (In)justice

Hi! I am sorry you had to wait so long for this one. I lost the story when saving it and had to rewrite it, because a promise is a promise.  Hope you enjoy it! It was written with love- twice! Happy new year! 

Akpene could not sleep. She kept tossing and turning, wondering what she could do to fix the situation.
K Beck is in trouble because of me. What if he gets suspended? It is all my fault.

She kicked herself mentally for telling him her story. That was probably the only reason why he felt like he had to defend her. But then again, he had been looking out for her long before she told him about everything.

God, please help me. Just when I felt like things were not so bad, this happened. Please save him, please!

She could see a light under the tent that Sister Charissa had made around her bed. She was probably studying. Akpene smiled to herself when she smelt the Gashit* Charissa. It smelt heavenly- the combination of gari, shito, Starkist tuna flakes, corned beef, baked beans and sliced onion rings- the type of Gashit she could only dream of and not afford. Sister Charissa had all sorts of food stuffs under her bed and was always nibbling on something under her tent. Her school daughter was the one that Akpene pitied. She was the one who was sent to warm palm nut soup with an iron at 3am in the morning, the one who was sent to go and look for onions and tomatoes during siesta, the one who had to wash all the dishes and the one who never tasted any of her school mother’s inventions.

Across the room, she could see Agnes on the top bunk bed with her left leg suspending at an obtuse angle. Agnes’ sleeping patterns were always a source of amusement. One time, she had ended up with her head hanging from the edge of the bed, all the while sleeping soundly. The most amazing thing was the way she was able to maintain her balance throughout the night. She was not the only one with newsworthy sleep escapades. Nasiba was famous for sleep walking- people called her the Night Glider because she seemed to be gliding her way through corridors, mysteriously missing buckets and trunks, with her eyes shut. She had been known to walk from Liberty House to the basketball court, with a dreamy smile on her face. One time, she had ended up on the table in the staff common room in her cotton nightgown. It was Mr Hormeku who discovered her. It is rumoured that he exclaimed, ‘Lord God and Father of mankind!’ and rushed out to call the Form 1 girl who was sweeping the upper courtyard to come and cover her with a piece of cloth.

K Beck could also not sleep, not because he was worried about getting suspended but because he was sure that Akpene was probably blaming herself for getting him into trouble.

I wish I could talk to her. If only I was invisible or there was a way of crossing over without being caught…

Once again, he replayed the whole thing in his head.

Curtis was being a jerk that day. There had been many times that he had resisted the urge to punch him in the face ever since the term started, but that day, it seemed like Curtis was on Jerk Pentium Pro. He had spoken about Amanda’s breasts, Boakyewaa’s legs, Linda’s teeth and Constance’s butt. From the corner of his eye, he could see Adriana squirming in her seat and for the umpteenth time, he wondered what she saw in him. Just then, he heard Curtis saying, ‘And oh yes, how could I forget the Cinderella of the class? K Beck’s heartthrob! That girl’s body mehn! I am sure she has been giving him the time of his life. Her waist looks like it has had some experience, if you know what I mean. I would not mind a taste of-‘

K Beck’s fist knocked the words out of his mouth.

‘You picked the wrong guy to mess with. You will regret this!’

‘I doubt it, Curtis. No amount of punishment, not even suspension, can reduce the pleasure I have of being the only one bold enough to stand up to a jerk like you.’

K Beck also wondered if Akpene had heard what Curtis had said. He didn’t want her fretting about whether or not she looked like a virgin, or whatever it was that girls worried about. He saw the look of fear in her eyes when Mr. Hormeku pulled him up. The chants did not do much to help his case, if anything at all, they worsened it.

‘You think you are a hero because they are hailing you? Wait until tomorrow when you are brought before the Disciplinary Committee. You will be sorry!’

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