8 to 5 Ep12: Valley of the shadow of death 

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8 to 5 Ep11: Thou shall not catch feelings

Happy New Year!!! (This excludes the hoarders, of course.) I hope you like the new look 🙂 I am so excited about the possibilities that the New Year will bring. I was listening to Citi FM yesterday and one of the things I learnt is to carefully think about what you would want to see happen in your 2017 and deliberately install habits in your life to … Continue reading 8 to 5 Ep11: Thou shall not catch feelings

8 to 5 Ep10: Sexual healing

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8 to 5 Ep08: Judgement Day

Happy Wednesday, fam! Voting Day is finally here. I hope you voted. Christmas is here- as you can tell from the snow on the page and the new header image. Been doing a little tweaking to the website- I hope you like it. Because I love Christmas, we are celebrating in style with a Kenikodjo Christmas special- 7 days of Christmas! Those of you who follow us on social media have already seen this- but for those of you who haven’t, #7daysofXmas is a collection of Ghanaian Christmas stories- what Christmas used to be and what it is now. Should be fun- just keep your eyes on the website from today until 31/12. Special birthday shoutouts to Enam, Desmond and Araba Pratt!! 

Now to the business of the day…

Richard Dela Sky’s voice was booming over the dramatic Eyewitness News soundtrack.

‘This is Citi 97.3. We are bringing you a comprehensive coverage of the 2016 elections. We have Kossi Nyarko on the line from the Asutuare Area Council B Shai Osudoku Constituency.

Yes, Sky for the Presidential elections, we have NPP – 164, NDC – 129, PPP – 2, JOY – 1, NDP – 1, CPP – 1, Rejected 1, Total voters 298 .’

‘Thank you for the update, Kossi. Those are the provisional results from the Asutuare Area Council B Shai Osudoku Constituency. Bernard, what are your thoughts?’

‘Okay, so Sky. In 2012, the figures were different. There was a decline in the-

Edem turned off the ignition, silencing the voices of the Citi FM election team. The analysis of numbers, voter turnout, history of elections past among others made the reporting feel CNN-like. He grabbed the bag he had packed for Grams and made his way to her ward. Climbing the stairs to the third floor, he nodded at the security man who sat on that floor and knocked on Gram’s door.

He had been doing this for one week and yet the sickening feeling in his stomach didn’t go away or get any better. Grams was lying in her bed, lost in a sea of white Korle-Bu branded bed sheets, with her eyes shut. He made a mental note to bring her bed sheets from home the next time he came by. She had been here for a week. They said it was a stroke. An ischemic stroke, or something like that. If Mawuli had not found her when he did, it would have been another story.

He had prayed more in the last week than he had prayed ever since he became a Christian.

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8 to 5 Ep07: For better, for best

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone doing? This week’s episode is dedicated to Naa Awula and Sarah Christian for getting married, and Nuerki A-B, just because you are awesome. May God bless your marriages! Birthday shoutouts to Dionne, Kwor First Lady,  Harry and Anna Lisa! December is finally here! I love Christmas and I can’t wait for the election to be over so that we can fully enjoy the birth of Christ. Allow me to give you heads up- next week’s episode will delay quite a bit because we need to capture the election in the story. It will be epic- I can just sense it. 

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‘Add a little curry to the eggs before you fry it. It will give the omelette an interesting flavour.’

For all her mother’s flaws, she was a fantastic cook. Cooking together was the only thing they seemed to be able to do without fighting- about Dad or these days, Akwasi. In the kitchen, all arguments were put on hold. They worked in perfect harmony, with synchronized movements like surgeons performing a complicated surgery.

Maame Esi smiled and did what she had been told to do. She lifted the cover of the pan her angwamo* was sitting in. The smells of the salted beef, onions and green peas hit her.

‘Your patients should see you now- eating ‘oil rice’ with beef and eggs and corned beef. Cause of death: Cholesterol. ‘

‘I think they would be more surprised to discover that my no nonsense mother, the Almighty Dr Osam, is giving me tips on how to make the meal more delicious.’

‘Well, I can’t have substandard food coming out of my kitchen, can I?’

Maame Esi laughed.

Her mother treated her kitchen like a shrine. She cleaned it religiously. Nothing stayed in her sink for more than 10 minutes. She called it ‘clean as you cook.’ The chopping board was washed and rinsed seconds after chopping the cloves of garlic, the counter wiped after every 20 minutes. Every evening, she cleaned her stove with warm water and soap. If someone told you that her stove was about 7 years old, you would not have believed it. It looked like it was only a month old; the chrome still sparkled like it had just been brought home from the store.

‘This way, you don’t have the burden of cleaning the kitchen when you are done cooking.’

Today, cooking was helping Maame Esi keep her mind off that conversation- the one she had had with Edem.

There was something about the way he had said ‘someone like you’ the other day. He was passionate about it, a little too passionate, to be honest. She also saw him searching her face for a reaction but she had had many years of practice concealing her facial reactions from people. It was one of the things that made her a good doctor- her ability to smile when a patient was panicking, even when she was also panicking with him.

She put a little of the shitɔ in a small frying pan to warm it a bit. Everything else was ready.

‘Let’s eat.’

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8 to 5 Ep06: Tale of two cities

Happy Wednesday, guys! You people like politics papa! Clearly Kofi Dubai got us some attention. If you can, I hope you are voting on the 7th. That is the citizen’s true power. Welcome to all my new readers and binge readers who have finally decided to catch up. I see you. 😉 Today’s episode is dedicated to the most amazing CPR, just because. 🙂 ❤

And now, on to today’s story…

What requires this much secrecy?

I never keep anything from Akwesi.

And why face to face, and not over the phone?

The questions were many.

Edem kept tossing them in his head as he turned onto the highway.

He was absentmindedly watching the crippled man who sat at the St Mary’s junction when the honking from the cars behind him jostled him back into reality.

He was meeting her at Korle Bu.

At least it was a public place.

But then again, it meant that anyone at all could see them. If the person told Akwesi, he would have to explain why he kept the meeting a secret.

But you are not doing anything wrong. Stop overthinking things. When all of this is over, we will probably have a good laugh about it and move on.

He could see her in his rearview mirror as he parked.

‘Dr Osam.’

‘Hi Edem! Thanks for coming.’

She smiled her sweet smile and leaned in to hug him.

So that is the flowery fragrance Akwasi keeps talking about. 

‘I keep telling you to call me Maame Esi. You sound like one of my patients.’

‘I am one of your patients, remember? That is how you met your Romeo.’

She laughed.

‘Sorry about the secrecy. Akwesi told me you guys were playing FIFA today. I needed to be sure that he would not see this message.’

Edem’s face had the ‘okay, I am listening’ expression. His forehead had burrowed into a quizzical look.

‘So I want to plan something nice for Akwasi. Dinner or a weekend getaway or something like that. You know him better than I know him so I am guessing you would know what is best. I also know you go through each other’s phones without asking so I needed to make sure that there were no traces.’

Edem was silently kicking himself for assuming the worst.

‘Something nice for Akwasi and it is not his birthday or anything? Woman after the man’s heart. Well, I think the getaway thing will work nicely. He likes roadtrips and stuff he can put on his Snapchat. But a whole weekend? I thought you were a church girl.’, he said with a teasing smile on his face.

‘A getaway doesn’t mean I will sleep with him, does it?’, she quipped back, with an equally mischevious smile on her face.

‘Well, my Grams has pounded this scripture in my head many times. Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned? – Proverbs 6:27. That applies here, doesn’t it?’

‘You are right. Your Grams sounds like an amazing woman.’

‘She is. Best woman in the world without a doubt. She has been waiting to meet the girl who has transformed Akwasi’s life.’

Maame Esi laughed again.

‘Looks like it is a date then. So we will probably go at the end of the month. Best Western, Takoradi. I will make up an excuse of needing to pick up something from my hometown or something like that. You are welcome to come along.’

‘Naah, three is a crowd.’

‘You are full of wise sayings, aren’t you? The Grams influence, I guess. You could come along with someone. Aren’t there any pretty auditor ladies in your office?’

‘Oh there are. They are just not available or not my type.’

‘We’ll work on finding you a pretty girl. You are a really awesome guy- you deserve the best.’

‘For Grams’ sake, please make sure she is Bible believing and tongue speaking. With a pretty smile. Like you.’

Edem instantly wished that he could scoop the words back into his mouth. He searched her face for a reaction but didn’t get one.

‘Right on it. We will find her. Best believe that! Thanks for coming, Edem.’

He saluted her with his right hand and drove off. When he looked in his rearview mirror, she was still standing there, waiting for him to turn the corner before heading back inside. Continue reading “8 to 5 Ep06: Tale of two cities”