#7daysofXmas 3: Balloon Love

The first two stories can be found here and here. This story is dedicated to Jemima and Miravis, my readers who called me all the way from Algeria yesterday to thank me for writing stories they can enjoy. You completely made my evening! ❤ Sakumono Estates, 1995 ‘If you don’t give me some, I will tell Ma that you broke the glass yesterday.’ Dennis held … Continue reading #7daysofXmas 3: Balloon Love

#7DaysOfXmas 1:Going home

Merry Christmas, guys! As promised, I am releasing a set of 7 Christmas-related micro stories this season. I am already far behind time so it’s best to get started now. Home is the best place to be for Christmas. And that is exactly what today’s story is about. Love, Keni!  Goodness gracious!  The smell of the baby’s ‘Christmas gift’ filled the air and it gargled … Continue reading #7DaysOfXmas 1:Going home