Project KCC

1Project KCC is a Kenikodjo initiative to introduce Ghanaian children in public school to various forms of creative arts and to encourage them to take an active interest in them.

Studies have shown that exposure to the various creative arts forms like creative writing, art, photography, music, culinary art and fashion contributes immensely to the development of the child. Self confidence, problem solving skills, collaboration, accountability and emotional intelligence are all direct benefits of engaging children in the creative arts.

Unfortunately, the current educational curriculum in Ghana does not include the creative arts. With Project KCC, children will be introduced to some creative art forms over a period of time. They will be given the opportunity to interact with people who excel in those art forms and mentor-mentee relationships can be established where necessary.


Promotional posters for the pilot edition

The pilot edition of Project KCC is taking place from the 14th to the 17th of August at the Soronko Academy in East Legon. The children will be introduced to culinary art, photography, fashion design, creative writing, dance, art and dance by a host of gifted facilitators. The last day of the project will see the children exhibiting the things they have learnt over the period.