Meet Keni

img_2019My name is Maukeni Padiki Kodjo, most people call me Keni. I am a Christian girl who talks too much and loves good music. Worn glasses since I was 9, so yes I am a certified geek. I am right-handed and left-footed! We are a rare species😊

I have had my head buried in books for as long as I can remember, and it is an honour for me to write stories that people can enjoy. I am an unrepentant romantic and an unashamed foodie 🙂

You can get a jumpstart on who I am by reading my list of 100 things that make me happy as well as my list of 10 things you probably don’t know about Kenikodjo.

Away from that, I am a woman who loves to write, sing and talk about food. A plot to kidnap me should probably include chocolate and fried plantain. I am a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, Accra Hub and I am passionate about communication and content creation. I am also Webfluential. I write customized wedding vows and creative pieces for couples with Vows by Kenikodjo.

I started this blog mainly because I promised my friends that I would move from just putting up Facebook statuses to doing something more concrete with my writing skills…so here we are! This is my big step. I hope these stories are much fun for you to read as they are for me to write!

Let’s stay in touch!

51 thoughts on “Meet Keni

  1. Nice meetin u Keni…. ….im Ewurama…buh frnds cal me Rammy….n I started reading ur blog onli yesterday.. N im soo loving it…. Bless u Keni…..xoxo


  2. So, I’m the guy who introduced you to Choral Music Ghana at the FOS this year. I’m pleased to discover you’re a writer! I’ll check out your stories later, but this move is good 🙂


  3. sending you lots of love!!! i love that subtle humor in all your pieces. And because i have such a crazy imagination i can almost literary see the characters in my mind. I stumbled upon your blog today and i have a feeling i’m hooked!
    Waiting For anime’s of your stories!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Dear, I just started reading Capital High and I am loving it. Imagery, Check! Humor, Check! Simply Great. But how come i Cannot find episode 6 anywhere?


  5. Hey…good writing female Kodjo…i have something written for a groom I best man for…i want it framed to present to the couple and i want you to read it before you frame it for me. Please send me your email @ so i forward to you and we discuss the costs.



  6. Keni as in ABUGISS sch pee? I’m really inspired. by your writing, the whole blog n all. I love that you listened to your friends and actually started this. I also stumbled upon it today. Keep it up!


  7. Keni! Yes I’m here again. Words play foul in accurately describing your awesomeness. Simply amazing!! Go Keni, Go Keni, Go Keni!!!! #ByTheFireside


  8. Loving the blogging life and wish to start but need a very good motivation and seems you are my motivation, hoping i can learn more from you personally!


  9. Dear Keni,
    I absolutely love the way you tell your stories. Now I look forward to Wednesday nights (Thursday mornings) like never before. Just got my friend hooked on as well. Keep them coming…. mmuuuaahhhh


  10. Wow……I’m hardly a social media person so it explains how I’m discovering your blog lol. I must say I have been awed by every single post I’ve read so far. In two days I have completed 8to5 and Knowthyman with all the articles in between (hope my boss doesn’t see this lol). I think you are an amazing writer and I love the way you interact with your readers, in fact I have joined the Kenikodjo family by force. Thanks and cheers to more interesting reads


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