Review: Letters to my future wife

Award winning journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni launched his second book, Letters to my future wife, on 3rd May. He gave me the honour of reviewing his book at the launch, which was attended by people from all walks of life. I was hesitant at first because I don’t consider my writing style to be ‘serious-review-at-launch’ worthy, but Manasseh wouldn’t take no for an answer. So … Continue reading Review: Letters to my future wife

Searching For Story Series? Check Out My Top 3 Lady Bloggers

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So you know I’ve started a new series called?Swapping Places (The Twin Game)?? and if you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so. I’ve planned to put up a roundup post of other story series from other amazingly talented writers that I’ve been relishing for some time now. I figured it would be selfish on my… Continue reading Searching For Story Series? Check Out My Top 3 Lady Bloggers

…and it was lit!


That’s really all that comes to mind when I think about #theKenikodjomeetup!

I remember when the idea came up. Naa Adjeley and I were having some sister-sister bonding time over some pizza.

Naa (the brain behind the meetup) and I
A meet up?

What would we do? Who would come?

Nobody had ever done anything like this before-I had no precedents to refer to.

I needed a plan- venue, activities, a strategy-and I had nothing.

I wanted a cool venue- a place that wasn’t ‘overused’, but nice. I also wanted a place with clean toilets (yes, toilets are a big deal for me). So Workshed came to mind. One of the co-owners was my friend so I knew  that was sorted.

Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂
Richard asked me how many people I was expecting and I said 30? Maybe 40? Maximum 50. He suggested that I get a registration portal to track the number of people who planned to show up. Hence the Eventbrite registration page. I asked the registrants to indicate how long they had been reading the blog, what they were looking forward ro, among other things. This gave me a good idea of what to put on the programme outline.

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By the Fireside- June Edition 

So #Bythefireside happened! Blogging Ghana invited me to come and speak on the Capital High Series and what it felt like to win the Ghana Blogging and Social Media awards. My procrastinating self sent the Powerpoint presentation to the two Eddies at 5:20 pm and jumped into a taxi to head to the Impact Hub.

Of course my taxi ride had to be full of drama. The driver took a turn, landing us in the go slow traffic from the Fire Service to Danquah Circle. As expected, I was livid.

‘Oh boss, I told you I was in a hurry. Why didn’t you use the Osu-Labadi road?’, I shrieked after we had been sitting in the same spot for 10 minutes while beating myself up mentally for not leaving at 5. The poor guy swore that we would get there in 7 minutes.

‘Yoo! If we don’t get there in 7 minutes, I won’t pay the 10 cedis. I will pay 7!’

‘Ei madam, and what if we get there in 7 minutes? Will you increase the money?’


Hehe, quite the bully, am I not?

Any ways I got there in 7 minutes just like Opana had promised. So yes, he got his 10 cedis and even wished me all the best in my presentation. It was 5:40, leaving me with 20 minutes to try and calm down.

I was nervous, yep very nervous.

I know I look and sound confident but I am quite shy as well. And that side kicks in when I am the centre of attention. I was worried about a lot of things:

What if people don’t turn up?

What if I gbaa and someone puts it on Twitter?

What if my talk is boring?

What if nobody there has heard of Capital High?

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Final Lessons From The KeniKodjo Story

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Photo Credit: Makeni Padiki kodjo Facebook Profile I’m finally drawing the curtains down on the lessons that could be derived from the KeniKodjo Story. I must admit, it’s been fun chronicling these lessons. The final lesson that could be learned from the kenikodjo story is, We all need each other to survive. As I scrolled through her blog, I… Continue reading Final Lessons From The KeniKodjo Story