Mr President-Elect…

Mr President-Elect, Last week Friday was one of the most exciting days of my life, not because you won (no offense, that is also exciting) but because of something else. For the first time in a very long time, I saw Ghanaians unite in the most extraordinary way to celebrate your victory. From Tamale to Techiman, through Kumasi to Sakumono, people took to the streets. … Continue reading Mr President-Elect…

Retelling the Ghanaian story: TedXCentralUniversityWomen2016

Please find below the text of the talk I gave at TedXCentralUniversity2016. If you know me, you will know that I am a talkative so I did a bit of ad libbing. But the essence of the talk is captured here. I chose the topic ‘Retelling the Ghanaian story’ because I am a storyteller and I am very passionate about Ghana. I hope this inspires someone to do better for our beloved motherland. Enjoy! 

My name is Maukeni Padiki Kodjo. Most of my friends call me Keni for short; probably because it is less of a mouthful.

I am a storyteller. For the last two years, I have been telling authentic Ghanaian stories on my blog- My stories are about everyday Ghanaians doing everyday things: from the trotro mate right through to the single mother to the potbellied landlord and the NDC foot soldier. Everything- it’s all there. Whenever I tell a story, I do my best to capture the true essence of the character so that you are either nodding along as you listen and saying to yourself ‘I know someone like that’ or thinking ‘this is something I would do.’  I cultivated the habit of reading in my childhood.  I read a lot of stories. My bed time was 7pm but I was always determined to finish whatever book I was reading that day before sleep took over. If it was past 7 pm and I was in danger of breaking the rules, I would cover my head with a blanket and continue reading with the help of a flashlight. That’s how I ended up with these glasses.

So trust me when I say I know a bit about storytelling; it came with a bit of sacrifice!

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Final Lessons From The KeniKodjo Story

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Photo Credit: Makeni Padiki kodjo Facebook Profile I’m finally drawing the curtains down on the lessons that could be derived from the KeniKodjo Story. I must admit, it’s been fun chronicling these lessons. The final lesson that could be learned from the kenikodjo story is, We all need each other to survive. As I scrolled through her blog, I… Continue reading Final Lessons From The KeniKodjo Story

Lessons 3 & 4 from the Kenikodjo story

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Photo Credit: teamblackimage studios I’m here to fulfill the promise I made yesterday to continue with the lessons that could be learned from the KeniKodjo story.Before I do that, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who read the post,especially the amazing keni kodjo  readers. I’ve never received such traffic on my blog like yesterday. It shows… Continue reading Lessons 3 & 4 from the Kenikodjo story