Cooking Class 2

If you are familiar with Kenikodjo stories, you’d know that the story probably has next to nothing to do with actual cooking. Sorry if you came expecting to find recipes and video tutorials. 🤪 And since I am familiar with Kenikodjo readers, I should also probably stop writing short stories with cliffhangers because you guys always want an ending. What is the fun in that? … Continue reading Cooking Class 2

Not one of us 2

It’s Easter, one of my favourite periods of the year. I would send you ‘greetings’ but I can’t stand the ‘Happy Easter’ greeting. It’s sort of flat. I prefer ‘Christ is risen’ with the response ‘He’s risen indeed!’ That, after all, is the essence of Easter- his death, resurrection and what that sacrifice symbolizes for us. I have been away from social media for a … Continue reading Not one of us 2