43rd January: #7daysofXmas 5

It is about that time of year again, when everyone is regretting their Christmas choices and silently praying that the minutes and seconds until January payday would magically fly past. People like Ameyaw swore that it would never happen again a year ago. That didn’t work out like he had planned. Here is to January Payday coming soon! Also, happy new year, my darlings! 💜 … Continue reading 43rd January: #7daysofXmas 5

Cooking Class 2

If you are familiar with Kenikodjo stories, you’d know that the story probably has next to nothing to do with actual cooking. Sorry if you came expecting to find recipes and video tutorials. 🤪 And since I am familiar with Kenikodjo readers, I should also probably stop writing short stories with cliffhangers because you guys always want an ending. What is the fun in that? … Continue reading Cooking Class 2