8 to 5 Ep01: Edem

First of all, welcome back!! I know some of you kept checking the website to see if there was a new story every now and then. I am sorry it took so long- you can follow the social media pages for updates. That way, you won’t miss a thing! 

Secondly, I have found a way to put all the episodes of a series in one place, as you can see from the menu above👆🏾. So for those of you are now reading Know thy man and Capital High, it would be a lot easier for you. I missed you guys😍!! The blog is turning 2 on October 28th, isn’t God awesome?!

8 to 5 is finally here, amidst pressure for it to pap more than Know thy man did…lol! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with the hashtag #8to5. Feedback is always appreciated! Today’s episode is dedicated to two of my favourite Kenikodjo readers who are both turning a year older today- Nanaba and Kwame Panyin (aka Peter in #KnowThyMan), as well as baby Pochowaa😍 (Your parents are such supportive Kenikodjo readers that you almost have no choice than to read the blog when you grow up!)

Now, time for take off! 

The water dispenser.

That’s where all the hot girls stood to gossip. Sometimes it seemed like they stood there to show off their legs to him. Not that he was complaining. One of the perks of working in a place like PWC was the girls took their appearance seriously- wigs, pencil skirts, those glossy lips, the shoes. Lord, those stilettos mehn! It didn’t hurt that the water dispenser was directly in his line of sight. That way, he could casually take a glance or two without looking like a perv. And for the record, he was not one. He just had a thing for beautiful things.



His boss’ raspy voice broke through his train of thought.

‘Mr Amankwah’

‘Meeting in 5 minutes. Small meeting room.’

Edem sighed inwardly. This meeting would take forever. He could not say it was already 4:45pm. They lied when they said working hours were 8 to 5. The Audit and Assurance floor was working like it was 10:30 am and they would probably be seated until 10pm. He could kiss that kenkey and domedo* goodbye. His eyes scanned through the floor to see if Nadia was still seated. Today when he winked at her, she winked back. Before he could throw in a few lines that he had gleaned from Akwesi, her girlfriends came to pull her to go and get lunch. He almost cursed inwardly but he knew Grams would not approve.

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…and it was lit!


That’s really all that comes to mind when I think about #theKenikodjomeetup!

I remember when the idea came up. Naa Adjeley and I were having some sister-sister bonding time over some pizza.


Naa (the brain behind the meetup) and I

A meet up?

What would we do? Who would come?

Nobody had ever done anything like this before-I had no precedents to refer to.

I needed a plan- venue, activities, a strategy-and I had nothing.

I wanted a cool venue- a place that wasn’t ‘overused’, but nice. I also wanted a place with clean toilets (yes, toilets are a big deal for me). So Workshed came to mind. One of the co-owners was my friend so I knew  that was sorted.


Isn’t it beautiful?🙂

Richard asked me how many people I was expecting and I said 30? Maybe 40? Maximum 50. He suggested that I get a registration portal to track the number of people who planned to show up. Hence the Eventbrite registration page. I asked the registrants to indicate how long they had been reading the blog, what they were looking forward ro, among other things. This gave me a good idea of what to put on the programme outline.

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The Contemporary By The Fireside:The Kenikodjo meet-up</a&gt;

On the Sebitical Stool: KeniKodjoMeetUp and A Reading to Children | Nana A Damoah

LIT IS NOT ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE IT: A Review of the KeniKodjo Meet Up – 2EweBoys


The anatomy of trotro seating..

Everyone knows I love trotros. They bring me too much joy. It also means I am a veteran when it comes to trotros and their seating. 

The best seats in the trotro are window seats. Not only do you not have to move until you get to your destination, you also have an escape route if your sitting mate has foul breath or interesting body odour. Just direct your nose towards the window and breathe! Even if the window cannot be opened, there will probably be two small holes where the knob should have been. Take in that oxygen! 😉 However, make sure you don’t fall asleep, and if you do, make sure that you are not the type that can resolve Adenta’s water shortage with your ‘water works’. You see, I know how rejuvenating power naps in the troski can be, but I also know how yawa it can be to wake up and realize that you are in go slow traffic and every car that has passed by you has had a laugh or two at your expense.

Those who sit beside the window seat person are usually the ones who demand that the window be opened because they are feeling hot. And they usually ask in the ‘Ah, can’t you feel that it is hot in here?’ voice, and no, they don’t care if the wind will ruin your new hairstyle. They are usually sweating profusely and if you are unlucky, they will smear a fair share of the sweat on you, as a token. Maybe you should open the window even before they ask. The sooner they get dry, the better. 

I think those who sit at the end of the 3 seater stretch should sue the mates who say ‘one man, one seat’. They hardly ever sit on a full seat, and if their sitting mates are on the heavy side, they end up literally perching on the edge of the seat. I think a portion of their fare should be refunded to them. On top of all this, they are usually the ones who pass the money on to the mate. All this for half a seat?! The one who sits beside the mate suffers the most because the mate slaps his seat against his/her thigh every time someone needs to get down. Just unfair mehn!

As for those in the foldable seats, the least said the better. All I can say is they have to stand in the rain when someone all the way at the back needs to get down. The back seat is not a bad spot if you are going all the way to the last stop. If you plan to get down early in the journey and you sit all the way at the back, prepare yourself for some choice words from a heavyset woman who doesn’t exercise often, because ‘you could have saved us all the trouble and sat in front’. The front seat is your best bet if you have long legs. Just pray that the engine of the car is not beneath your seat- the heat will slowly begin to cook your buttocks if it is a long ride. If it is a rickety troski, you may need to move your leg just so the driver can change his gear. 

If you are a trotro-regular, you would know what I am talking about. You probably even have your own real-life experiences. My name is Maukeni Padiki Kodjo  and I write this from the window seat at the back of a Sprinter troski😊

Photo credit: Gerard Nartey


Here’s why September will be lit!

So today is the first day of THE MONTH: September!!!

Apart from it being the month of my birth, a lot of exciting things are happening this month!

Yes, there is #theKenikodjomeetup on 17th September (more about that at the bottom) but there is also a special book reading dubbed ‘Ticklin’ the Sebiticalis‘, which takes place on the 3rd of September in the cosy setting of Jamrock Restaurant, a Jamaican-themed joint near the A&C Mall at East Legon.

I hear the food at Jamrock is amazing but I am also going to be there to support my two literary legends, Nana Awere Damoah and Kofi Akpabli.


Posing with the legends🙂

Both of them are celebrated Ghanaian authors who will be reading from Romancing GhanalandTickling the Ghanaian, Sebitically Speaking and I Speak of Ghana. This special edition will be in collaboration with a guest Reader, Alba Kunado Suprim, author of the Imported Ghanaian and A Place of Beautiful Nonsense. See you on the 3rd for some reading, food and good company! Best part is it is absolutely free!

Ticklin Di Sebiticalis Jamrock

Second on the list is the Kobina Ansah romantic comedy entitled ‘My wife-in-law‘ on the 24th of September at the R.S. Amegashie Hall, University of Ghana Business School. There are two shows- 5pm to 8pm. A ticket is just 20 cedis! You all know how much I love a good romantic story!😉


And of course, our very own #theKenikodjomeetup on the 17th of September from 4pm to 7pm, at the Workshed, 2nd floor of the HFC Bank Building on the Spintex Road!



All you have to do is register for the event here and be seated at 4pm.

Here is what to expect:

  • ‘Ask me anything’, an interactive Q and A
  • Trivia quizzes
  • ‘What would you have done?’ based on the #KnowThyMan series
  • Photo shoots with some of the Kenikodjo characters
  • Lots of networking and nibbles
  • FUN!

I am so excited about all the goodies from Piece o’ Cake, Maame’s Pancakes, Hello Grill and Afiyo that I wish I was also just a guest. It will be 3 hours of fun!

Oh, and if you are one of those people who thinks that Tonia’s lethal quotes should be on a shirt, your wish might just come true at the meetup. Watch this space!😉

Enjoy the month of September! I know I will!

❤ Keni



Know Thy Man Ep15: Final twists

Hey fam! It is today! We draw the curtain down on #KnowThyMan today. I know I will cry tonight (yes, I am a crybaby like that!) I cried when #CapitalHigh ended, so it is only fair that I cry for this one as! As an aside, so all those of you who cursed me and insulted me in your hearts for leaving you hanging, tell me how you feel now. I was just trying to surprise you but you are not that easy to surprise, after all. Three of my friends got married this weekend so as expected, this final episode is to all 3 beautiful couples- Kelvin & Ayeley, Manasseh & Becky and Kofi & Kafui. May your love be the kind that knows no ending!❤ Congratulations to my friends who passed the bar exams, especially Kwame Kota. Too proud of you!!


As you already know, our meetup is fast approaching and I am already giddy with excitement just thinking about it. It is on the 17th of September, 4pm to 7pm at the Workshed (2nd floor of the HFC Bank). Please don’t forget to register so that we can have a fair idea of the numbers we are working with. There are surprises and giveaways to look forward to. We will discuss your favourite stories and characters, re-write some of them and do all sorts of fun Kenikodjo-related things. It will be all kinds of lit!! I really can’t wait to see all of you! September is just an awesome month! (Remember the official hashtag for the meetup is #theKenikodjomeetup)

If you follow us on social media, you will know that we had the #knowthyman photo shoot this weekend. I can’t say thank you enough to my wonderful cast. You are such amazing people and seeing how much effort you put into bringing the characters to life was indeed humbling! (Chale, people wore wedding rings nyinaa oo!)  As always, I am truly indebted to Gerard Nartey and Kwame Pocho for taking time off their busy schedules to shoot and edit these lovely pictures.❤❤❤

To appreciate the end, it is only fair that we go back to the beginning. Meet the people whose lives we have combed through over the last 16 weeks…

Copy of KTM-1Copy of KTM-6Copy of KTM-21

Copy of KTM-12

Peter, Paa Kow, Tim and almighty Prosper…

….and the ladies

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Know Thy Man Episode 14: I know my man

The days seem to be racing by these days! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! I am sorry that I haven’t replied to comments for the last 3 weeks. I hope to respond to all of them before the end of the week. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment anytime you read. Like someone I met two weeks ago said, sometimes the comments are just as interesting as the story. 

New Milestone: We went past 150,000 views on Thursday. Looks like 200K is in reach now. This episode is dedicated to Frank and Ama Tetsewaa who got married one and half weeks ago. I am so sorry I could not make it.May God Himself preserve your union and keep you happy! Ich wünsche Euch eine glückliche Ehe! Soooooo the Kenikodjo meetup is drawing nearer. Just 39 days till I see you guys! The conversation has already started on Twitter-too exciting! Lemme know what you are expecting and looking forward to. My inbox awaits😉


Check out our venue!! Details will be out shortly!

-Hey. Lemme know when you see this. We need to talk.

Tonia clicked send and stared at the phone, willing it to light up.

Come on. Reply. Please. 

When the phone finally lit up, she jumped to her feet and grabbed it. Her face immediately returned to its sullen state.

Who needs a Vodafone text message at this time of the night? Mtchew!

It had been a long day. Selikem was restless. He kept crying. The doctors said it could be colic. She had still not resolved things with Paa Kow and after 48 hours, she was now uneasy. That was why she sent the text message. She was sad, worn out and in need of a friend. When she heard the knock on her door, she hoped and prayed that it was Paa Kow, but as fate would have it, it was Tim.


‘You know you could sound a little more enthusiastic, right?’

‘I just wasn’t expecting to see you.’

‘Well, I know you and I know you would have trouble sleeping, especially with a new baby and Kafui’s passing, so I came with Rich Tea and Horlicks. That used to do the trick back in the day.’

Tonia smiled.

‘Okay, lemme wear some trousers and get mugs. We could sit on the porch.’

Are you out of your mind? He is the reason why you are in this trouble in the first place. Say good night to him and go back to bed.

Drowning out the voice of reason, she put some water in the kettle and pulled out two mugs from the kitchen cabinet. Sitting on the stairs with her former boyfriend at 11pm broke all her rules, but today she was too tired to fight. Too tired to think through it. After sipping and nibbling for a while, there was silence.

‘Tim, I am scared.’

‘I know.’

‘Everything is changing so fast. Kafui is dead. She killed herself. And of all people, she left her son in my care. You know me, I hate the idea of being tied down- either by a man or by kids. I am the butterfly who has discovered her wings and is figuring out how high she can fly. The strange thing is, as soon as Selikem cries, something within me switches. I become this emotional person. Kafui called it a motherly instinct. I used to think God left that out when he created me.’

‘Tonia, her death isn’t your fault. Her letter is proof of it.’

‘But why did she give up? I don’t get that part. Why did she allow him to win? That measly, good for nothing prick! Where was God? ‘

‘You and I will probably never know for sure.’

‘Wait, aren’t you supposed to know these things? Isn’t that what pastors do? Explain the things that don’t make sense?’

Tim laughed.

‘On the contrary, we don’t know everything. All I know is that God is good and his wisdom transcends ours. He always had a plan. It is easy to ask ‘Where is our God?’. It is also easy to miss Him in our daily routines. I believe He is everywhere- sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes in a loud roaring dominant way. He also doesn’t interfere with our lives until we give Him permission to- He was there when Jesus and his disciples were caught in the storm. He was there when the Israelites needed to cross the Red Sea, but both times he did not act until he was called upon. He gives us the room to choose which way to go.’

‘Well, I’d like to see that plan materialize soon.’

‘Maybe it already has. Look at you, all motherly instinct and stuff.’

‘Ha! So why did you really come here? I don’t buy the I know you story.’

‘Well, I came because I miss you. I miss talking to you. Don’t get me wrong, I understand I burnt the love bridge when I left. I just want to be friends.’

‘You burnt that bridge when you wore that priestly robe. At some point, I wanted to pour acid on you and watch you burn, but that is all in the past now.’

Tim laughed.

‘I’ll take that as a joke. About Paa Kow, don’t worry I will keep a respectable distance. You should marry him, especially since I am off the market now.’

‘With comments like this, I should probably get a gallon of acid and keep it close by.’

‘I haven’t laughed this much in a while.’

‘Nuns don’t have a sense of humour, do they?’

‘They do-actually. With a biblical bias. It is getting late, you should probably head inside.’

Tim got up and helped her up to her feet. She lost her balance and he held her. For a few seconds, everything froze. Only for a few seconds.

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It was there when I got home.

My dinner.

Two bowls covered with a napkin.

I hate it when she does this- plays the dutiful wife when I have been a jerk.

That ‘coals of fire’ thing they taught us in Sunday School actually works.

It makes me feel worse for not being there for her.

These days, she spends more time staring at the TV than she does anything else.

Not that I can blame her.

The characters in the telenovela are loyal.

They are there when she needs them.

Monday to Friday for an hour.

Throw in Sunday, when they do the two-hour omnibus discussion.

Pablo and Maria make her smile.

I, on the other hand, remind her of the pain, the loneliness.

The fact that she can’t give me a child.

After three miscarriages, I was done trying.

The depression, the crying, it was all too much to take.

I was hurting too, but my world didn’t stop.

Besides, what was the point in trying again if she was just going to lose it?

So I started coming home at midnight and leaving at dawn,

Avoiding the misery she had rained on the house.

I don’t know how we got here.

I promised her she would never have to feel alone,

That we could work through anything

And yet, here we are…